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Hi Kids, These are some of my favorite pages on the World Wide Web. If you click on one of the underlined words, I will hop you to that fun page. These sites are made especially for you! If you get lost, just use the back arrow to get back to my pad to start over. I add new links often, so check in to my pad often for new fun stuff. E-mail me and Have fun!

Kids Ages 6 to 9 Nickelodeon Nearly everything at Nickelodeon's site moves, plays, beeps, bops, or blinks. It's loaded with games, contests, and information about kids' favorite shows, and it rounds itself out with a magazine.
Animal Planet Follow adventurers on animal expeditions all around the world: Check out snow monkeys in Japan, talk live to dinosaur hunters in Mongolia, or join The Safari Brothers in the wilds of Africa.
NBA.com Watch video clips of amazing action, relive the season with descriptions of pivotal moments, and find out all you want to know about NBA players, scores, schedules, and stats.
The Yuckiest Site on the Internet Hear tall tales about man's most hated insects, listen to them hiss and rustle, learn how to avoid making delicious roach cocktails (don't overwater plants), or just ask the site's host, Wendell the cartoon worm, anything you want to know about anything gross. T. K. enjoyed the site's practical side. 
Thomas the Tank Engine Visit the Island of Sodor (Thomas's home) on a sunny summer day and open the toy box in the waiting room to check out its latest contents, get railway advice from the Station Master, check out the goings-on in the Engine Shed, and more.
American Girl Addy, Felicity, Samantha, Kirsten, Molly: If you have a young daughter, you know that these are the names of the American Girl dolls. In addition to offering information about the dolls, news on events and activities, a catalog of products, and a club to join, this site attempts to create a community in which young girls can offer each other advice. For example, girls recently offered advice on how to cheer up someone who'd lost a pet. 
Beanie Babies Home Page Kids can play Beanie Babies games, write to other Beanie Babies collectors, and get all the dirt on every Beanie Baby that ever existed.
Kids Ages 10 and 11 Disney If your kids are into the latest Disney flick, they'll love this site, filled with activities, clips, games, sounds, and more. Younger kids will like many of the activities on a basic level, while older kids will enjoy the clever references and amusing plays-on-words. Teenage girls may especially enjoy Megara's love and fashion advice.
You Rule School It's all recess, all the time!" proclaims the banner on this site. Actually, the site is not much more than a big ad for General Mills, but kids don't seem to mind. They can play games with Lucky Charms, Trix, and Cocoa Puffs cereal, visit the Laugheteria, or cram some "cool stuff" from the World's Loudest Library into their computers.
Bonus Warning: Kids who visit this site may disappear for days on end. Louis told us, "There are so many fun games here. They also have fun educational subjects that I am interested in." From dissecting a cow's eye to checking out a cross section of the human body to learning about Japanese mayonnaise-and-squid pizza, the site has hundreds of games and activities to keep kids busy and happy.
The Boston Red Sox If your idea of a perfect day consists of munching a hot dog in Fenway Park while watching the Boston Red Sox knock one over the Green Monster, you'll love this site. It has everything a Red Sox fan could want, including news, player information, schedules, history, trivia, an online chat area, and a fun fantasy baseball game called CyberSox Challenge. 
Scholastic Place Kids who are fans of the Baby-Sitters Club, Goosebumps, The Magic School Bus, and other series titles by Scholastic will find lots of news, activities, and contests about their favorite books.
Xplore Kids Xplore Kids is a grab bag of unexpected treasures. Inside it you'll find links to more than two dozen fun-filled, kid- appropriate sites. Gawk at the world's freakiest fish, take a trip with Bill Nye the Science Guy, visit outer space, publish a story, learn about dinosaurs, and much more.
Cyberkids Cyberkids' goals are to create a worldwide youth community, to give kids an interactive place to express their creativity, and to create a sharing, caring space. It seems the site's succeeding.
Yahooligans To use Yahooligans, kids just type in keywords, and, in seconds, up pop kid-appropriate sites. Or they can simply browse through categories of topics, including Around the World, Art Soup, School Bell, Entertainment, and Sports. Kids will also find links to the newest happenings and the coolest sites.
Sports Illustrated for Kids Kids can play games in which clues talk and move; enter contests to come up with funny captions for funny photos; and sort out morphs of their favorite athletes. And there's plenty of sports information, too.
Kids Ages 12 To 15 BeautySpot Ask the nail doctor about your cuticles, find out what's in French Vanilla cologne, and learn about the history of perfume. The site is mostly designed to get you to buy products from Renaissance Cosmetics.
Excite Excite is a search engine, though not specifically for kids. As with other search engines, you can type in a keyword or you can browse through categories of topics, including Business, Careers, Computers, Entertainment, News, and Politics. Want to locate a long-lost friend? Check out the People Finder. You can also go shopping, read the classifieds, book a flight, or check a map.
IllusionWorks Are your eyes playing tricks on you? Check out surreal figures and objects, ambiguous illusions, distortion illusions, aftereffects and afterimages, auditory illusions, and more. Some of the illusions are interactive -- kids can color parts of them in to see how they work. You'll need Java and Shockwave to view some of the interactive scientific demonstrations.
NASA Check out the latest discoveries from Mars, take part in experiments conducted on the space shuttle, or communicate with astronauts. Though the site seems to be designed for teachers to use in the classroom, kids should be able to enjoy it at home as well.
Lego This site features Lego games (a treasure hunt), Lego contests (build ducks), and information on Lego products and the company. You don't even have to have Lego-mania to enjoy the site.
GameSpot Games, games, and more games -- if it makes noise, demands action, tickles your brain, moves fast, creates adventures, involves a curse, or requires a secret, you'll find it here.
Skateboarding Follow the world's best skateboarders as they compete in contests across the country. See the moves, the grooves, the thrills, the spills -- this site is loaded with pictures of all the action.


FEMA for Kids You can help your family prepare for a disaster. With this site, you can also learn about what causes disasters, play games and read stories from children who have been through a disaster. You can also become a Disaster Action Kid!
Volcano World Read through our archives of common questions people ask volcanologists. If you still can't find the answer to your question, you can ask a question of your own.
Whale Songs Whale Songs, an educational center about people and whales.
Live From Mars The Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft took off in November and reached the orbit of Mars on September 11, 1997 to begin an orbital mission that will provide detailed mapping and weather information. The Mars Pathfinder spacecraft blasted away in December and landed on the Red Planet on July 4, 1997. The micro-rover Sojourner has wandered its way around the Martian terrain, returning a wealth of new science data.
Frog Dissection This program provides still and motion visuals of preserved and pithed frogs, in addition to text. A pithed frog has had its central nervous system destroyed (its spinal cord has been severed). It is technically dead, but some of its organs continue to function for a brief period. Visuals of pithed frogs are found in the section on "Internal Organs."
Periodic Table The Periodic Table of the Elements on the Internet
Karl's Calculus Tutor Calculus on the web.
Kids Only Hot Spots This site provides lots of neat activities for kids. You can chat with others your age, do some coloring, find your way through a maze, or read a number of interesting stories.
Homework Kids fun stuff and reference.

ISN Kid's News
Kid's Time Magazine
Kids on the World Wide Web
Oz Kidz Internaut Cyber Center
The Teel Family from Alaska
Amy's Amazing Adventure
Space Settlement
The Refrigerator: Kid's Art Online
Global Show-n-Tell
International Kid's Space
Hewlett Packard E-mail Mentor Program
Home Ed Kids
Kids Did This!
Internet Safari
Boy Scouts of America
Encyclopedia Britannica
The Cartoon Network
Girl Scouts of America
Kid's Delight
The Nasa Homepage
National 4H Council
The Whitehouse for Kids
Carlos' Coloring Book

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